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  Tutorial colorare fisiere .txt

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Data de inscriere : 2011-03-12
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PostSubject: Tutorial colorare fisiere .txt    Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:01 am

Tutorial colorare fisiere .txt
Sursa : - LinkCS.net
Autor : - C

Acum includem in .sma un stock

stock chat_color(const id, const input[], any:...)
new count = 1, players[32]
static msg[191]
vformat(msg, 190, input, 3)

replace_all(msg, 190, "!g", "^4")
replace_all(msg, 190, "!y", "^1")
replace_all(msg, 190, "!team", "^3")
replace_all(msg, 190, "!team2", "^0")

if (id) players[0] = id; else get_players(players, count, "ch")
for (new i = 0; i < count; i++)
if (is_user_connected(players[i]))
message_begin(MSG_ONE_UNRELIABLE, get_user_msgid("SayText"), _, players[i])

Va dau un exemplu cu adminvote.sma

Veti gasi asa in .sma

client_print(players[i], print_chat, "

Si punem


Acum in addons\amxmodx\data\lang\adminvote.txt

Facem asa

ADMIN_CANC_VOTE_1 = %s: anulare votare
ADMIN_CANC_VOTE_2 = %s %s: anulare votare
VOTING_CANC = Votarea anulata
NO_VOTE_CANC = Nu exista nici o votare in curs, sau votarea curenta nu poate fi oprita cu acea comanda
RES_REF = !gRezultat !teamrefuzat
RES_ACCEPTED = !yRezultat !teamaceptat
VOTING_FAILED = !yVotare !teameshuata
VOTING_RES_1 = !team[VOTE] %s !y(Da "!team%d!y") (Nu "!team%d!y") (necesare "!team%d!y")
VOTING_RES_2 = !team[VOTE] %s !y(Acumulate "!team%d!y") (Necesare "!team%d!y")
VOTING_SUCCESS = !yVotare !teamreushita
VOTING_RES_3 = !team[VOTE] %s !y(Acumulate "!team%d!y") (Necesare "!team%d!y").Rezultat: !team%s
THE_RESULT = Rezultatul
WANT_CONTINUE = Accepti schimbarea hartii?
VOTED_FOR = !team[VOTE] %s !ya votat !teamPentru
VOTED_AGAINST = !team[VOTE] %s !ya votat !teamImpotriva
VOTED_FOR_OPT = !team[VOTE] %s !ya votat pentru optiunea #%d
ALREADY_VOTING = Deja se afla o votare in curs de desfasurare...
VOTING_NOT_ALLOW = Votarile nu sunt permise acum
GIVEN_NOT_VALID = !team%s nu este valida
MAP_IS = harta este
MAPS_ARE = hartile sunt
CHOOSE_MAP = Alege harta
ADMIN_VOTE_MAP_1 = %s: votare harta
ADMIN_VOTE_MAP_2 = %s %s: votare harta
VOTING_STARTED = Votarea a inceput...
VOTING_FORBIDDEN = Votarea pentru aceasta optiune nu este permisa
ADMIN_VOTE_CUS_1 = !g%s: votare customizata
ADMIN_VOTE_CUS_2 = !g%s !team%s: votare customizata
VOTE = Voteaza
ACTION_PERFORMED = Aceasta comanda nu poate fi executata pe bot-ul "%s"
ADMIN_VOTE_FOR_1 = !g%s: vot !team%s pentru %s
ADMIN_VOTE_FOR_2 = !g%s !team%s: vot !g%s pentru !team%s
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Tutorial colorare fisiere .txt
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